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Question Time with Derek Thomas MP

Children in Y5 & Y6 were excited to welcome our local MP, Derek Thomas, into school for a question and answer session last Friday.  Some examples of questions that were posed:


Q: Where do you live?
A: I live in St Buryan but I also rent a small flat in London.


Q: How do you travel to work?

A: I drive to Tiverton Parkway Station and then get the train to London.


Q: How much do you earn per year as an MP?

A: Over £70,000 per year


Q: How do I become an MP when I’m older?

A: The first thing to do would be to try and become a school counsellor and then, when you are old enough, try to get elected to the local council.


Q: Do you get nervous that someone will come up with a counter-argument to what you say?

A: Yes, all the time! It’s very natural to feel like that and it helps me to be certain of my argument.


The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and were so enthusiastic in their questioning that Derek ended up staying longer than planned!