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St Michael's is a 'Good' school


As you are aware we were visited by Ofsted on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th June and the school has now been judged as a GOOD School. I cannot stress enough what this means to the whole St Michael’s community. Many of you have worked with the school over a long period of years and are well aware of the journey the school has been on. We are delighted that the hard work of the whole staffing team at St Michael’s has been recognised. It is fabulous to see comments made such as:


* ‘Leaders have taken effective action to improve the school following the last inspection. In particular, they have strengthened the quality of teaching which is now good.’

* ‘Effective teaching ensures that pupils are making good progress over time in reading, writing and mathematics.’

* ‘Children make good progress in the early years. Many children join the Reception classes with low starting points. Most catch up quickly. More children than average reach a good level of development.’

* ‘Leaders have taken effective action to ensure that teaching in key stage 1 has been strengthened. Current books show that pupils’ progress in now good.’

* The proportion of pupils who reach the national standard in reading, writing and mathematics by the end of key stage 2 is similar or better than the national average. The proportion of pupils achieving higher standards or greater depth has improved.’


Over the past 7 years that I have worked at St Michael’s, first as Deputy Head and now as Head of School, we have all strived tirelessly to ensure the vision of ‘Living and Learning Together’ is central to the education we provide. What makes St Michael’s special is its community feel, the way staff, children, parents, carers and the wider community interact and work together. It feels like this report has really captured the essence of what makes this school special:


* ‘Pupils are very proud of their friendly school. They are clear that everyone makes friends quickly and no one is left out. Pupils play and work together well.’

* ‘Safeguarding is led by reflective and caring professionals who are determined to do the best for individuals and their families.’

* ‘Leaders are very aware of the particular needs of their community. They work hard to maintain an open and honest dialogue with parents and carers and make sure they are readily available to deal with concerns.’

* ‘Leadership for those pupils with SEND and those who may be vulnerable to underachievement is very effective. The inclusion team are an integral part of the regular monitoring of all pupils’ progress. This means that they can pick up if any pupil is not making the progress they should and intervene quickly.’

* ‘Through assemblies, the curriculum, extra curricular activities and the strong culture of respect in the school, leaders provide good opportunities for pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Pupils respect the views and beliefs of others and are prepared well for life in modern Britain.’


I am particularly moved by the sheer volume of positive comments received by the Ofsted team from parents. These came from a wide range of sources such as Parent View, Parent Café, inspectors directly approaching parents in the playground and in some cases parents queuing up to see inspectors to tell them about the work of the school! We are all really touched by your kind comments and remarks about the school.


We are also particularly pleased that the further points for improvement Ofsted have left with the school are priorities we had already recognised. For those of you who frequently attend Parent Forum you will recognise these next steps as some of  the priorities from the School Development Plan we have previously shared with you and these will aid the development of the school’s key performance indicators for the next academic year.


As always I thank you for your continued support, which we greatly appreciate. We hope you are as delighted with the outcome as we are!