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Reading Shed

KS2 Outdoor Reading Area

Outdoor reading provides the children with the opportunity to bring literacy and stories to life.  At St Michael’s Primary School, we are firm believers that the outdoors holds a great wealth of opportunities for young people.  We are fortunate to be surrounded by such a vast and inviting outdoor space.

Outdoor learning is a catalyst for encouraging cognitive, social and emotional development.  This new and exciting reading area is the perfect environment for children to experience the true pleasure and joy of being immersed in a good book.

Our new outdoor reading space can be used as a “gather together” spot for reading aloud and for group reading sessions, or as a quieter space for individual and small group reading and learning.

Ask any child and most will tell you that they love being outside. One of the best outdoor learning activities is reading books: stepping into the fresh air and losing yourself in a good story.

They feed our imagination and allow us to create completely new worlds within our heads. Taking literature outside gives children the opportunity to explore it in a completely different environment, where the surroundings are incorporated into the experience and their imaginations can be set free.

Thank you to the FOSM who provided funding towards the shed and to the St Michael’s School Parent Community for generously stocking the shed with high quality children’s books. 

KS1 Outdoor Reading Area

Coming soon! Watch this space.