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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

​Mrs. C. Johnson - Head of School

Mr. A. Hirani - Assistant Head Teacher & Year 5/6 Phase Leader - Y5

Miss. B. Davies - EYFS Phase Leader - Reception

Mrs. P. John- KS1 Phase Leader - Y2

Miss A. Martin- Year 3/4 Phase Leader - Y4

Mrs. K. Hurr- SENCO

Mrs. S. Swift - SENCO,  Autism and Dyslexia Leader & Reception (Mon-Wed)


Mrs. A. Saint - Reception (Thurs-Fri)
Miss. V. Care - Y1

Miss B. Schouten - Y1

Miss A. Cowdry - Y2

Miss. M. Care - Y3

Mrs. K. Hunkin - Y3

Miss E. Glavin - Y4

Mrs. P. Pickford - Y5

Miss E. Humby - Y5

Mr. C. Medlin - Y6

Miss K. Turnbull - Y6

Mrs. R. Reynolds - Pupil Premium Leader