Reading at St Michael's

Progression of Skills

Phonics and Early Reading Policy
This page is awaiting content. Please refer to the below link for the progression linked to our new Phonics programme Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised and visit the main Reading page of our website for our whole school intent, implementation and impact statement.
Sounds, Pronunciation and Letter Formation
Visit this website to see videos, to support your understanding of our new Phonics scheme : Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised

Accelerated Reader

Books for Topics
This website is used regularly by staff at the school to choose books that link to our topics. The website is full of quality texts which offer wonderful opportunities to create positive and meaningful learning experiences at school.

Looking for books to enhance your child's learning further at home? Browse by year group, key stage or even by topic and find quality texts for home as well.

50 Books to Read in Year ...
There are many lists of books that are recommended for children in different year groups to be exposed to. Below, we have shared the lists from Books for Topics, as we believe these are core texts that all the children in each year group would benefit from being exposed to. Some of these are already used in school. Looking for quality texts to read to your children at home? Choose from these lists.

Browse the lists by clicking the links below: 

E-Books and Audible Selection
Cornwall Council Library Service:

Did you know that Cornwall Council offer a free Borrow Box service? Here you can download and access hundreds of quality e-books and audiobooks using your smartphone or smart device.

Click the Borrow Box link to find out more.

Below are links to just a few of the quality audiobooks that you can access free of charge online:

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Call of the Wild Y6

The Jungle Book

The House at Pooh Corner. A.A. Milne's Pooh Classics, Volume 1

The House at Pooh Corner. A.A. Milne's Pooh Classics, Volume 2

Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

The Green Ember

The Reluctant Dragon

How the Leopard got its Spots

The Owl and the Pussycat

Oxford Owl

Here you can access a whole range of books produced by Oxford Owl. These books no longer match our chosen Phonics programme, but they are still used throughout the school to support reading development and comprehension skills.


Fun downloadable activity packs to boost reading and writing for pleasure, linked to the latest children's books. Many free downloadable resources, which may support and develop your child's love for reading at home.

Phonics Play

We no longer use Phonics Play to support our Phonics teaching in school, however it is still a fun, interactive resource that many children will enjoy to play at home. Please note, this service does require a subscription.

Author Links
We aim to update this page with links to author pages, which contain engaging and informative content. Have fun exploring and getting to know our children's favourite authors. 

Reading Shed
KS2 Outdoor Reading Area

Outdoor reading provides the children with the opportunity to bring literacy and stories to life. At St Michael’s Primary School, we are firm believers that the outdoors holds a great wealth of opportunities for young people. We are fortunate to be surrounded by such a vast and inviting outdoor space.

Outdoor learning is a catalyst for encouraging cognitive, social and emotional development. This new and exciting reading area is the perfect environment for children to experience the true pleasure and joy of being immersed in a good book.

Our new outdoor reading space can be used as a “gather together” spot for reading aloud and for group reading sessions, or as a quieter space for individual and small group reading and learning.

Ask any child and most will tell you that they love being outside. One of the best outdoor learning activities is reading books: stepping into the fresh air and losing yourself in a good story.

They feed our imagination and allow us to create completely new worlds within our heads. Taking literature outside gives children the opportunity to explore it in a completely different environment, where the surroundings are incorporated into the experience and their imaginations can be set free.

Thank you to the FOSM who provided funding towards the shed and to the St Michael’s School Parent Community for generously stocking the shed with high quality children’s books.