Welcome to Reception

Our curriculum is designed to be creative and inspiring, full of memorable experiences that allows children's natural creativity and curiosity to flourish, alongside the purposeful acquisition of skills and knowledge. Children are offered a wide range of experiences that broadens their understanding and equips them with the skills needed to be confident, independent, lifelong learners.

Visit to St Michael's church
This week, as part of our Celebration topic, we have been on a visit to St Michael's church. We really enjoyed looking around the church and then used what we had learnt back in the classroom. 
Our first half term in Reception
For our first half term in Reception we have been very busy learning lots of new skills. We have been exploring our grounds, working indoors and out and most importantly having lots of fun, working with our friends.
Multicultural day
For multicultural day we learnt about China. We painted dragons with our hands and made dancing dragons. We watched dragon dancing and then had a go ourselves. We made dragon masks and even built the 'Great Wall of China!' We practiced using chopsticks too!
Letters and Sounds 
In Reception we follow the scheme, Little Wandle. Please use the link to find out more information.