We are delighted to share that Plymouth Argyle are now delivering PE lessons to St Michael's pupils throughout the school year.
We have also launched an after school club run by the PAFC coaches will will rotate between different traditional sports and different year groups!
Year 3/4 Football League!

Well done to Charlie N, Maisie C, Stanley S, Henry F, Kitty R, Isla D, Teddy H, Logan H, Cody C, Seth W and Leo R who represented St Michael's in the first fixtures of the Year 3 and 4 football league on Monday evening. We lost one game and won one game with a goal from Stanley S. Thank you to the parents and carers who came to support their children.

The next fixture will be on Monday 26th February at HCC at 4pm when we will have 3 games.

We plan to run 2-3 coaching sessions during school with Mr Stanley prior to this fixture.

If your Year 3 or 4 child is a member of a football club/team/academy and would like to take part in the next fixture, please contact Miss Schouten who will provide any further details.

Y5/6 Football League Updates!
Well done to the Year 5/6 football team who represented St Michael's on Monday evening at HCC. We played 3 matches in total and the children played brilliantly. We won 4-0 against Godolphin with goals from Kai H, Oscar S (x2) and Connor C. We drew 1-1 against Porthleven with a goal from Kai H. We also beat Germoe 2-0 with 2 goals from Kai H.
Thank you to the parents and carers who came to support in the rain and thank you to Mr Stanley who coached and organised the team from the side line.
What a great start to the Year 5/6 football league last night! St Michael's won 2-1 to Nansloe with goals from Harvi H and Immy M. The team also won 1-0 against Mullion with a goal from Harvi H. All of the children who participated played brilliantly. Thank you to the parents and carers who stayed to support.
If your child is a football club/academy member in Year 5 or 6 and is interested in taking part in the football league this half term, please speak to Miss Schouten at the Year 2 door or contact the school office. We still have a number of games to play!
If football is a skill you would like to develop or have an interest in, keep an eye out for Mr Stanley's football and multi sports clubs which are starting soon.
A huge well done to the football team who took part in a football tournament and came 2nd! 
We drew the first fixture 1-1 against Porthleven A team. We then beat Wendron and Porthleven B 5-0 and 2-0 respectively. 
Thank you to the parents and carers, Mr Stanley and Mrs Alexander who supported the children at the event.
Cross Country League 2023/2024
All children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are invited to take part. Look out for Miss Schouten who will need to note down your names and positions!
If you take part in all 5 races, you will earn an endurance medal
The top 3 boy runners and the top 3 girl runners in each age group will earn position medals.
2 school trophies: 1 for total points and one for percentage points of KS2 children on roll. The more children that take part, the more points we will earn as a school!
Special award for any children who score over 500 points
Fun run relay
Distances: years 3 and 4 run 1000m. Years 5 and 6 run 1400m
Race order: Year 3 and 4 girls, Year 3 and 4 boys, Year 5 and 6 girls, Year 5 and 6 boys.
The dates for the rest of the year are:
3rd October: Race 2 at HCC 4pm. KS1+KS2
7th November: Race 3 at Mullion School 4pm. KS2
27th February: Race 4 at HCC 4pm. KS2 (Peninsula Qualifier)
Date TBC: Peninsula final. KS2. Location TBC.
Date TBC: School Games Final. KS2
14th May: Race 5 at Mullion School 4pm. KS1 and KS2
21st May: Race 6 at Porthleven School. 4pm. KS2
11th June: Fun Run at Mullion 4pm. KS2
Look at our achievements outside of school!
Well done to Joey, Harvi, Kai, Billy, Connor and Warwick who represented St Michaels in the Norman Nicholls tournament in St Keverne on Saturday 1st July.  After a very successful day and winning their semi final, they unfortunately lost in the final. Everyone had a great day and we look forward to next year's competition!